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Sigh Theme by cecilbaldwin-official

[temporary live] preview | code

More a test to see if i can actually make columns work than anything!! It’s very simple and quite plain yeah„,


  • 1/2/3 Columns
  • 4 links
  • Sidebar, background and permalink Images
  • Colours: font, link, background, accent, accent text
  • Optional small cursor, cover background
  • Infinite scroll because multi column themes with pagination are gross
  • You can hide the description if you want
  • You can move the sidebar and both navs so you could have them in  different order if you wanted??

ALSO!! I’ve started a preview/theme blog here! I’m moving all of my previews to pages on this blog after they’ve been up for a week or so, to prevent being suspended for hoarding urls (which i’ve heard is a thing that’s happening to theme makers..)

comments and suggestions are always welcome! please like/reblog if you like it! 

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